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When family or friends first learn that a loved one is deceased there is a feeling  of disbelief and shock.

When those same family and friends learned the deceased has committed suicide, bewilderment is also

added to those emotions. When the family or friends fail to agree with the labeled cause of death as suicide,

they conduct their own inquiries. They contact all prospective agencies involved, police, coroner or medical

examiner, treating physicians, pathologists, EMT's etc.. When a family still feels the facts do not add up to

suicide, it is common for an uninvolved third party to be contacted. The uninvolved third party is most often

an experienced private investigator.

Questionable Deaths

The most frequent questionable death investigations are not conducted by police, family or friends, but more often at the request of an insurance company. In most cases, insurance companies are not required to pay benefits to a suicide victim or in certain cases a suspicious death. They are generally required to pay benefits if the death was by natural causes, accident or murder (unlawful killing of a human being, or a fetus, with malice aforethought). With this in mind, it is at the discretion of the insurance company whether or not to investigate suspicious claims. The investigation will typically entail: reviewing the claimants insurance policy, contacting beneficiaries, reviewing the details surrounding the victims death, and then determining if the facts obtained in the investigation help eliminate any suspicions.

Copenhaver & Assocites Investigators are experienced at conducting an objective investigation to assist in determining if the cause of death was suicide, accidental or a homicide.

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