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We've built a solid network of trusted attorneys and other professional - On a Local, State and National level. Call us now and let us earn your trust regarding your investigation ~ James A. Copenhaver

   "Private Investigator Orlando" 

​​Copenhaver & Associates Inc. Orlando Private Investigations is located in the heart of Central Florida. Our main office is located in the downtown Orlando, where we serve clients on a local, state and national level.

The Orlando - Florida Private Investigator will treat your case with care and plan with you as to what results that need to be obtained for your case/matter. The Orlando Private Investigator will Un-Cover the True Facts. 

Our firm strives to provide the highest level of service to our clients and their causes. We are committed to provide our clients honest, vigorous and uncompressed investigations.

The Orlando - Florida Private Investigator will treat your case with care and plan with you as to what results that need to be obtained for your case/matter. The Orlando Private Investigator will Un-Cover the True Facts.  
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As an internationally-recognized firm, Copenhaver & Associates maintains a global network of investigative and security-based resources. With cross-disciplinary interaction, our staff includes former law enforcement officers, field investigators, white collar analysts, forensic accountants, and corporate attorneys. Our extensive record of service includes corporate and special investigations, Internet security, computer forensics, litigation support and insurance services.

Copenhaver & Associates has been retained by countless law firms in Orlando and throughout the country. We have assisted them and their clients in a variety of cases involving asset searches, lifestyle profiles, matrimonial disputes, process service, interviews, witness location and more.

 Our services are wide-reaching and all-encompassing, as is our client base. Our offices in Central Florida coupled with our unique network give Copenhaver & Associates a vast investigative ability throughout the country. Our client list encompasses high profile individuals and Fortune 500 companies.

Copenhaver & Associates maintains an extended network of contacts and resources in all fifty states and beyond. With this unique network, we are able to verify information gathered from public sources and obtain additional details not easily available via regular channels. We are able to go in depth with any investigation using tools such as fingerprinting, surveillance, polygraphs, sweeps, and handwriting analysis. We also have subsidiaries that can provide the most advanced technology on any scale from single residence to multi-location corporations.
Our Investigative Services

The Investigative Team of Copenhaver & Associates Inc. offers many investigative solutions, and would be honored to assist with your matter. Our firm combine’s extremely talented and experienced partners and associate investigators, who are Former Law Enforcement Officers or Licensed Private Investigators, each with over 15 years of experience.

Copenhaver & Associates Inc. is a well-established Private Investigative firm, providing a variety of Professional Investigative Solutions, Research, and Intelligence Gathering Services.

Copenhaver & Associates Inc. will consult with you, the client, and will update you on our progress and allow you to direct our resources when necessary. We provide our clients with confidential written reports, as well as any records research, photographs, surveillance videos, written or recorded witness statements, which may needed to meet your individual case.​​​


The Orlando Private Investigator and Private Investigations in Orlando is the Firm of Copenhaver & Associates Inc. are news contributors as a Law Enforcement experts. The Orlando Private Investigator and his private investigative team make regular appearances on HLN, CNN, Jane Velez Mitchell, CFL News 13, Fox 35, WKMG 6 News and other shows, including radio stations in the U.S.

The Orlando Private Investigator has also appeared on
I.D. Discovery and Snapped T.V. The Private Investigations Team of Copenhaver & Associates Inc. have appeared on several News stations,speaking about high profile criminal, civil, and mass shootings. 

The Orlando Private Investigator has been interviewed on on many high profile cases,
George Zimmerman, Casey Anthony, Sandy Hook School killings, Colorado movie shooting suspect James Holmes.