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Copenhaver said. “Never in all my years of training, and being involved in several investigative units, to include the F.B.I. task force, would we have ever guessed a L.G.B.T. club be a target of an terrorist attack.” Read More NY TIMES

Copenhaver has 30 years of law enforcement experience. After viewing the witness video, he said the deputies responded appropriately. Read More

Copenhaver says looking at the video, it appears police followed proper procedures by parking their cruiser to block in the car,  Read More

​​"My training and experience suggest the shooter was scoping out LGBT clubs by friending club owners, club staff, and even customers of the LGBT clubs in the Orlando area on social media.” Read More   INSTINCT MAGAZINE

If you're give some type of alcohol or substance and you fall asleep or you're passed out, certainly one could take advantage of these women," explained James Copenhaver.Read More

Former Sheriff's deputy James Copenhaver told Fox Orlando that the average voltage delivered by a consumer stun gun  Read More

Former Sheriff's Office Detective James Copenhaver added: "It's not the final investigative report from the shooting.  Read More

So, we walked through the scene of this crash with James Copenhaver, an Orlando private investigator and former sheriff's detective with years of law enforcement experience, .Read More

Jamie Copenhaver recommends setting a limit on the amount of money you can charge to your card to prevent a thief from stealing a large amount.Read More

"The question is what did law enforcement do to launch their search and question number two -James Copenhaver, a private investigator who has contributed to several similar searches. Read More

James Copenhaver, a private investigator and former Orange County sheriff’s investigator, said the revelation that nine shots were fired at a suspect in front of a crowded nightclub raises red flags about proper procedure.Read More

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"We have terror acts, pretty much worldwide, and we need all the security we can have," said security expert James Copenhaver, who adds that screening machines aren't enough.Read More