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Missing Ky Woman

James Copenhaver Private Investigator investigating a missing female in KY

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A Missing Person who is considered endangered and/or under highly suspicious circumstances, is one of the worst nightmares for any family to suffer through alone and feeling helpless. We all have seen the news stories of families falling apart because of the horrible pain caused by a loved one who not only is missing, but also when foul play is suspected. Law Enforcement intervention is crucial in these cases, however they can become overwhelmed, perhaps missing leads, and lose focus, due to the fact of so much information associated with the case. 

A Missing Endangered persons case scenario can be one of most difficult investigations to solve. Law Enforcement often do not have the time or availability to devote exhaustive resources to every case. especially in areas with ever increasing violent crime rates.  When police become overwhelmed with violent crime and multiplemurder cases, their closure rate may suffer as they struggle to stretch limited resources even further. 

The Private Investigators at Copenhaver & Associates Inc. are highly skilled at solving active and cold cases, whether the police have completed an investigation or not.  A Missing Person wherefoul play may be suspected is very time sensitive, so it is important to contact Copenhaver & Associates Inc. before physical and forensic evidence is lost or degraded over time or forever.  Every case is different, so you will need to discuss the details that are specific to your case with one of our expert major case investigators during your free consultation and evaluation.

Our highly Experienced and Trained Investigators has what it takes to investigate the Murder and giving:

  • Locating new leads
  • Coming up with factual theories
  • Putting together a solid Timeline of events
  • Locating and Interviewing witnesses
  • Working with Law enforcement


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Missing Endangered Persons  Investigations 

Casey Anthony

James Copenhaver, private investigator. "Those folks have had some training in the past that they can bring to the table to help us."

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Tia Bonta Missing in East Orlando 

​"I've had many families hire us for missing young adults, and in some way, they always make contact with their child," Copenhaver said Friday. "I have my concerns due to the fact that it's been so many days or weeks that she hasn't reached out ... so I do suspect foul play, without a question."


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